Frequently Asked Questions

State Licensure

The first step is to go the Maryland website, and click on download forms - Allied forms (
With the document open, read the instructions then scroll down to page 10, print it, fill out the top half and sign it.
Mail, fax or email a scanned copy of the completed form to the NMTCB.
We will then fill out the bottom portion, put our Board seal on it and mail to the Maryland Board of Physicians.

At least thirty individual states now require that technologists must be licensed in order to practice nuclear medicine technology. Most of these states accept NMTCB Certification in lieu of a state examination. The SNMMI maintains a listing of states that require licensure and includes contact information for those interested in learning more. For a list of states that require licensure and who to contact to obtain a state license, please see the SNMMI website at


The Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board Has Developed a Post-Primary Computed Tomography (CT) Credential.

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Can I change my NMTCB CE reporting cycle to match my continuing education cycle with another organization?

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Order NMTCB replacement certificates, scrubs, polo shirts, patches, pins, mugs, and more.

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