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Scope of Practice

The NMTCB does not establish a "scope of practice" for nuclear medicine technologists but rather relies upon the professional societies representing nuclear medicine technologists for that responsibility. The SNM has published a scope of practice for nuclear medicine technologists which may be found at It is important to note that no external entity may fully define what functions a nuclear medicine technologist may or may not perform. The final word on what functions are or are not permissible is defined first by the state in which the technologist practices, though many states do not exercise their right to define the functions of an NMT, and second by the institution that employs the technologist, usually through their bylaws.

In general, a nuclear medicine technologist is trained to inject pharmaceuticals and radiopharmaceuticals under the supervision of an authorized user as described in the SNMTS Scope of Practice document (section III.A.4):
Administering radiopharmaceuticals/pharmaceuticals through various routes, including but not limited to oral, intravesical, inhalation, intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, and intradermal (under the direction of an authorized user).

The NMTCB examination includes items pertaining to the calculating of dosage, administration and safe utilization of pharmacologic stress agents but it is still up to the individual state and/or institution as to whether the NMT may perform these functions and under what type of supervision.


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