Frequently Asked Questions


Once an applicant’s eligibility for an examination has been approved, the applicant's information is sent to the testing organization and the applicant is sent instructions about how to register for the examination.

When applying the NMTCB Ethics Policies to applicants, the Board requires documentation of all charges and convictions, both misdemeanor and felony. Once they have that documentation, they consider whether the nature of the crime(s) (charged or convicted) are contrary to the ethics expectations of the NMTCB, whether they represent a pattern that may be contrary to the ethics expectations of the NMTCB, or whether granting certification might pose a risk to any part of the population. These types of assessments are not possible without all of the documentation described.

Calculators are allowed only if they are noiseless and battery or solar-powered. No provisions or time will be allowed or given to repair or replace broken calculators. You may not share calculators. Calculators capable of storing text (i.e., a key for every letter in the alphabet) will not be allowed by test site personnel. You will be observed at all times while taking the examination. This will include direct observation by test site personnel.

You may login to using the username and password that you used to schedule your appointment and print another copy. Please note that your password is case sensitive.

Once your application has been received, an email will be generated to the email address we have on file. If you have not received an email within 3 weeks of submitting an application, please contact our Examinations Manager at (404) 315-1739 to confirm that your information is correct.

You may go to for an interactive map that has an updated list all current testing facilities.

When you received your new certificant packet, a renewal statement was included that was prorated to match your next birthday month. It is essential that you carefully read through the materials provided in your certificant packet so that you understand what your obligations are to maintaining your certification.

Many institutions will terminate email accounts once a student has completed their studies. The NMTCB uses email communication regularly and it is essential that we have current and correct information on file to prevent potential disruption in communication.


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