Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am trying to verify a certificant's verification online, but the results page keeps showing there is no certificant by that name. What do I need to do?
    First, please verify the spelling of the person's name. The search function will accept partial names so, if you are unsure of the spelling, you might try just a first initial and the part of the last name you are certain is spelled corectly. Alternatively, you may call the office at (404) 315-1739 and we can help verify certification status.
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  2. How do I log in to the website?
    To log in to our online renewal, please go to and use your last name and certification number to log in.

    To log in to our certificant directory, please go to and use your last name and certification number to log in.

    To log in to our marketplace, please go to and use your last name and certification number to log in.

    Once logged in to one section of our website, you will remain logged in until you close the session or choose to log out.

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  3. How may I have my street address and email omitted from the certificant directory?
    Initial choices about what is displayed in the certificant directory are made at the time of application to sit for the exam. However, you may opt to have your street address and email omitted from the directory by calling us at (404) 315-1739 or sending an email to and asking us to make the change. Changes to the website generally take effect within 2 business days of the request.

    Please note: The information displayed when a certificant logs in to the certificant directory or the online renewal page reflect the information we currently have about the certificant. Not all of this information is displayed to other certificants when a search is performed in the certificant directory. If information is NOT withheld, the certificants street address, city/state and email address are displayed. If the information IS withheld, only the certificant's name and city/state are displayed.

    Only the certificant's name and city/state, as well as certifications held and certification status are displayed in the publicly accessible online verification section of the website.

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