Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have misplaced my renewal form. How can I get a replacement?
    Renewal applications are sent by USPS to qualified certificants approximately two months prior to the last day of their respective due date. For those whose certification is currently active, a renewal application is not required to go online to and renew online.
    If a renewal application is desired, or required in the case of a person whose certification is not current, one may be requested by email A new renewal application will be generated and sent by return email.

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  2. I sent my payment in two weeks ago. Where's my new yearly pocket card?
    Depending on the mail service and the number of renewals received on any given day, it may take a week or more to receive and process a renewal. For completed renewals, a new card is generally sent by mail to the address we have on file for you within two working days of being processed. Please try to login here to verify your status in our database.
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